The world�s first to use cactus launching plant-based leather fashion made on demand, curating everyday wardrobe for sustainable future

Road Angel debuts new fashion alliance tailored with Desserto limited-edition cactus leather
Walking skincare: organic, breathable, perfectly cruelty-free

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 23 February 2022 - Embracing a vision of lasting style, Road Angel debuts a new fashion alliance to accompany the courageous and determined: Golden Armour, a trench statement at all times, and Black Knight the vest. Tailored with Desserto cactus vegan leather, the style essentials are made on demand only, curating everyday wardrobe in a new, sustainable way.


"Only the feared will get hurt by cactus sting," an ancient mythical tale told the Mexicans.

Made with luxurious cactus leather in precious gold and mysterious black, Road Angel trench and vest coat are like walking skincare: organic, breathable, and perfectly cruelty-free.

Desserto vegan cactus leather is resilient in hot and humid conditions, durable and reliable. A well-protected piece, if kept in love and respect, can last ten years.

Colour for the undisputed queen.

Road Angel Golden Armour trench coat is tailored with limited-edition Desserto gold leather, a natural and beautifully soft Rockport texture, a relaxed look and feel. Designed for an oversized fit.

Spontaneous outside, shimmering inside.

Work day or holiday, Black Knight is glad to accompany the courageous to cross the mountains, coast to coast. Shining with a soft, wavering light, the inner side of courageous skin adds a stardust effect to the energy field. Black Knight vest coat is created with free style in mind. Adjustable straps on two sides create volume for chest and hip at ease. Relaxed, yet conscious.

Angel way of life.
From pattern cutting to sewing, every piece is made on order. Every moment of artisan's lifetime and every piece of cactus material are respected.

"Revolution starts with everyday wardrobe."

~ Road Angel

Road Angel cactus vegan leather trench Golden Armour US$ 895
Road Angel cactus vegan leather vest Black Knight US$ 379

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